Studio Back Line


Martin OM-28E Retro Acoustic*
Martin 00-15M Acoustic
Martin HD-28V Acoustic*
Fender American Professional Series Telecaster
Fender Player Jazzmaster
Fender Kurt Cobain Signature Jaguar
Fender Vintera 70s Telecaster Deluxe
Fender American Standard Stratocaster
Fender Vintera 60s Mustang Bass
Fender Mustang PJ Bass
Fender American Standard Precision Bass
PRS SC 245
PRS DGT Signature
PRS S2 Starla
PRS S2 Mira
D’Angelico Excel EXL-1
D’Angelico Excel Deluxe DC
D’Angelico Excel Prototype*


Ampeg SVT-VR with SVT-410HLF Cab*
1972 Ampeg B-15S
Vox AC30C2
Fender Deluxe Reverb
Fender Blues Junior
Fender Hot Rod DeVille III 212
1980s Marshall JCM800 50 Watt w/ matching cab (Greenback speakers)
Blackstar 50 Series One
Orange Tiny Terror TT15 w/ PPC112 Cabinet
Orange Crush PiX CR100BXT Bass Combo Amp
PRS Archon 25
Epiphone Valve Jr. Combo
Fishman Loudbox Mini
Fishman Loudbox Performer
Fishman Loudbox Artist
Roland KC-350 keyboard amp
Roland KC-550 keyboard amp

Pedals & Effects:

Eventide H9
Strymon blueSky Reverb
Strymon TimeLine Delay
JHS Charlie Brown Overdrive
JHS Angry Charlie
JHS Muffuletta
JHS Colour Box
Dunlop Crybaby Wah
Orion Fx Ramion Fuzz
Orion Fx Russian Fuzz
Orion Fx Kafka Reverb

Keyboards & Pianos:

Yamaha B Series Upright Piano (Studio A)
1970s Rhodes MK II Suitcase 73
1970s Wurlitzer 200a
1966 Farfisa Combo Compact Deluxe
Moog Minimoog Voyager Performer Edition
Mellotron M4000D
Roland Juno 60
Nord Stage 2
Korg SV-1 Stage Vintage Piano
Korg MicroKORG

Drum Kits:

DW Collector’s Series
1960s Ludwig Classic
OC Venice 4 piece (stage kit)


1970’s Ludwig Supraphonic 5×14″
1930’s Slingerland Radio King 8×14″*
Ludwig Black Beauty 6.5×14″
Sakae Trilogy 6.5×14″
Pearl Free-Floating Brass Piccolo
DW Collector’s Series 6×14″


Zildjian 22″ K Constantinople Medium Thin Ride, Low
Zildjian 22″ A Zildjian Ride (vintage)
Zildjian 20″ K Custom Dark Ride
Zildjian 19″ K Constantinople Crash Ride
Zildjian 20″ A Custom Crash
Zildjian 18″ K Custom Fast Crash
Zildjian 16″ K Custom Hybrid Crash
Zildjian 14″ K Hihats
Zildjian 14″ A Zildjian Hihats (vintage)
Zildjian 13″ K Custom Dark Hihats
Zildjian 11″ K Custom Hybrid Splash
Zildjian 18″ A Zildjian China High
Sabian 18″ HH Series Crash
Sabian 18″ AA Series Crash Extra Thin


Yamaha Bell Kit
Meinl Headliner Series HB100 Bongos
LP Cajon
Various shakers

*Please request in advance


L-Acoustics 112P (x2)
QSC KW181 Subwoofer (x2)


QSC K12s (x6)


DiGiCo S21 w/ D-Rack

Microphones & Direct Boxes:

Shure SLX Wireless Microphones (x4)
Shure SM58 Microphones (x4)
Shure Beta 58a (x2)
Lewitt DTP Beat Kit:
DTP 340 TT (x3)
LCT 340 (x2)
MTP 440 DM
Lewitt MTP 940 CM (x2)
Lewitt MTP 550 DM (x2)
Lewitt LCT 440 (x2)
Radial DIs (mono and stereo)

Additional microphones and DIs available upon request

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